Laptop and sound card for ubuntu studio

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Tue Sep 1 12:33:55 BST 2009

Look.. I was just pointing out an option, I only paid 219 dollars for this,
and sound doesn't really require a whole lot of CPU time anyhow. MIDI was
developed in 1983.. You could do midi sequencing with a commodore 64. The
only major difference is the handling of digital audio and software synths.
BTW, this laptop does fine for what it has. I guess I could splurge 1200 for
a laptop that will be 300 dollars in 4 years, and I'd have some knowitall
telling me that it's not modern enough. Remember, you are talking to a linux
crowd, not the Mac *cough*Snob*cough* Crowd.

BTW, I have paid thousands of dollars for machines in the past. 2800 for a
Commodore Amiga 3000 .. And about 3000 for a Dell Dimension b800r (I think
that's the model number), Maximum PC gave it a 10 in 1999..  BTW, I still
have both.  I'm currently building a Nvidia 750i with a Pentium D 3.73Ghz
(overclockable to 4.2 Ghz). With the fastest ram I can get and such.. The
cost is going to be about 500 dollars, and the first time I've built a PC by
myself. That will be my Ubuntu Studio sound machine.  But laptops are
costly, if all you want to do is experiment with sound, a T30 is adequate.

> The rest of the advice is sound, boot one of these machines with a
> Ubuntu Live CD or bootable USB stick.  Check to make sure your GPU, and
> wifi are supported out of the box.
> You could always buy from system76 or one of the other Linux vendors.
> At least you the routine stuff will work.
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