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> Well, i'm able to help with ardour and jack, but i have no idea about
> virtual instruments (its because i produce with hardware and just need a pc
> for recording).  and i cant find an easy to use programm with a good
> piano-sound. can somebody help me with this?

Definately try QSythn (in the repos). You can use any MIDI application that
supports Jack, and route the midi signal to QSynth. QSynth uses soundfonts,
and there are tons of them available on the net (see hammersound.net). The
audio signal can then be routed, via jack, anywhere you need it (speakers,

For a nice piano soundfont, there's an excellent free one called
SteinwayIMIS2 (I think). If you can't find it, contact me off-list.

> second question: which app is good to record midi-signals? i think
> rosegarden is to heavy.
I haven't found anything better than rosegarden, and I've looked long and
hard. If you're like me, you'll find that most of the apps are horridly
confusing, and don't seem to do much.

Try something like Finale, and you'll probably soon think that Rosegarden is
light... ;-)

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