Recording with M-Audio Delta 66

Michael Neumeier dennismail at
Sun Sep 20 12:02:48 BST 2009

Hello all,

so I finally got time again to spend time to try to record some stuff  
with Ubuntu-Studio. But I am still facing problems. I want to give all  
of you enough infortmations in order to be able to solve my problem.

My goal is quite simple: I just want to record things from my Bass  
guitar with Ardour - there are no effects, no MIDI equipment, just the  
bass guitar plugged in, so quite easy, I suppose.

The hardware I am using is a M-Audio Delta 66 with 1010LT driver. When  
I am booting up the system, I can hear a mp3 file with Audacity, so  
this seems to be no problem - although: If I plugin my headphones into  
Output 1 of the Break-Out-Box from the M-Audio card, I can only hear  
the left channel. But generally, this shows that audio playback is  

Now I connect my bass guitar to input 2 of the Break-Out-Box and now,  
the trouble starts: I cannot hear it. So, first step was to launch  
envy24control. I can see that if I play the bass, the level-meter of  
"H/W In 2" shows an input, so obviously, there is something coming in.  
But how do I now get this signal out / in Ardour? I know that I have  
to use Jack and this is running, but to tell the truth: I cannot  
really see the point in how to connect the signal to a track in  
Ardour. I created a track in Ardour called "Bass", but no matter what  
I connected, I could not even get a in signal in the mixer of Ardour -  
so the next steps would be:

1. Get the signal into the "Bass" track of Ardour
2. Connect the Outputs of the "Bass" track of Ardour to the Output 1  
of the Break-Out-Box.

To show what I configured, I made 2 screenshots, but unfortunately, I  
cannot send them here, because of the size limitations of mails for  
the list. If anyone can help me, I will provide the screenshots as  
fast as possible :)

Can anybody please help me? Thanks.


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