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nathalie perrin at
Thu Sep 3 23:10:21 BST 2009

Gustin Johnson a écrit :
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> nathalie wrote:
>> Hello
>> No not the ULTRA but just the M-Audio Fast Track, i think it is the 
>> cheapest of all .. which is with USB -- not USB 2 which obsioulsy 
>> doesn't work with Linux ??
> Just to be clear, USB2 works fine under Linux.  The M-Audio Fast Track
> Pro Ultra is using different hardware so the existing Fast Track driver
> does not work, the Ultra is also not class compliant so there is no
> fallback to 2x4 @16 bit, 44k like there was with the Pro.
thanks for your explanations, well then, it is better concerning USB2, i 
probably misunderstood something in previous posts. I was surprised by 
the way  !
My usb fast track is working fine. I was just answering someone who 
wanted to see my lsusb output
but i should probably write my comment after the message and not before :-/
sorry about that !

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