Usb Fast Track Maudio

V Gabriele De Palo vgdepalo at
Thu Sep 3 08:06:04 BST 2009

nathalie ha scritto:

>If your system see it,  it should work !
>I am pretty sure you have checked but anyway:
>I also use the M- audio Fast Track usb  with Ubuntu and the Gnome 
>desktop ( not ubuntu studio but i am sure it makes no difference).
>So did you change  the sound properties and select the  usb device for 
>playing  and recording sounds ?
>It works perfect on my computer. I use this card for quite a long time 
>because the computer native sound card is awfull when i want to play 
sorry,  do you really use the card Fast Track ULTRA with Ubuntu?
please, may you send me your lsusb command output?
sorry for my english too.
Many thanks.

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