Stability problems with 9.04 64bit quad core

Gustin Johnson gustin at
Wed Sep 2 17:31:24 BST 2009

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Kiernan Holland wrote:
> If it is an interrupt problem, you'll have to move your sound card to
> another slot.. Or if the sound is on your motherboard, buy another card
> and use that instead of the motherboard. Also I think the 64-bit kernel
> is the other problem. I think I read somewhere that Linux doesn't permit
> you to use the full 4 gigs of ram, that you get something less than 4

All 32 bit OSs have this limitation.  Specifically the total addressable
about of memory is 4 GiB, but this includes memory that may be on your
GPU (which on some machines gets counted twice), as well as CPU cache.
There are ways around this, but the best method is to simply use the 64
bit variant.

I can also say that the RT kernel in 9.04 works just fine with my dual
core machine.

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