teza tsaliou75 at orange.fr
Fri Oct 30 14:25:38 GMT 2009

Hi Susan nice to hear from you, at this time I'm running Hardy 8.04 et
wanted to know if it's worth to pass on karmic.
Regards from Paris
Le vendredi 30 octobre 2009 à 06:53 -0400, Susan Cragin a écrit :
> >Hi, i would like to if the new rt kernel is stable on Karmic, and if is
> >worth to upgrade.
> >Regards
> >Teza
> Kernel is stable and fast and I use it and am pleased with it. 
> What are you upgrading from? Just kernel or do you have a pre-Karmic distro? 
> If you have pre-Jaunty, remember that pulseaudio is now enabled by default, and is hard to get rid of.

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