[LAU] Ubuntu and Linux & Open Source mentioned on BBC - this is getting big

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> I love it towards the end when he says something like "No one on ubuntu
>> should ever type code in a terminal" :)
> Yes, but also the Wine thing: wine? too complicated, I wouldn't bother. But
> the then one guy in the comments says: how much time do you guys spend on
> finding, downloading, installing, updating and generally dealing with a
> proper (paid) anti-virus and firewall?
> Enlightening
> VM
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I never use Wine - if you really need Windows software run it in VitualBox
running windows. The truth is that most Windows users are bound to habit and
really expect Windowlike behaviour from a different OS. I found the
differences in using Ubuntu a bit iffy at forst but, was so discouraged but
my Windows experience that I percevered. Thank goodness for that. I
sometimes cannot believe how much of an Ubuntu evangelist I have become
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