looking for virtual instruments and midi-sequencer

mentoj_dija at gmx.de mentoj_dija at gmx.de
Mon Oct 26 00:43:32 GMT 2009

thanks for your answer viktor,

i am not at home for the next half year (NZ... yea...). but after that, 
i try muse on 9.10. my brother tried rosegarden, which i couldn't test, 
and it works very well. so i will also test rosegarden if i am back at home.

thanks for all these answers

Viktor Mastoridis wrote:
> Muse is my tip. Reliable and stable.
> Muse has a fluidsynth built-in, easy to activate and access. If you 
> get over the problem that you mentioned earier,  it's really an 
> excellent app for Midi.
> I have created 10 tracks in Muse: drums, bass, piano etc, and saved it 
> somewhere on my  computer.
> then, in Global Settings, I set that file to open as a template (I 
> made it read only in case I forget and try to save the newly created 
> song...)
> I work this way for almost a year now, having tried all major midi 
> apps, and I am very satisfied. all basic sounds are loaded into the 
> song. All I do is press the Rec button and off it goes.
> Even, in Muse 1r3 there is the Audio Bounce menu. Just set up the 
> locators properly, choose bounce to file or on a an track and in a few 
> seconds you have a complete mix of all the things that you are doing 
> at the moment, midi and audio.
> But I know that in Jaunty, installing Muse 1r3 needs a bit of tweaking.
> -- 
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