Logout failed from KDE on jaunty

Gustin Johnson gustin at echostar.ca
Mon Oct 19 21:31:46 BST 2009

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Takashi Sakamoto wrote:
> Gustin Johnson wrote:
>  > I am going to guess that you have an nVidia GPU?
>  > Try disabling all of the graphical candy.
> No. I use Intel GPU on board, no nVidia GPU.
> lspci:
>  > 00:02.1 Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 
> Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 0c)
You didn't mention that the first time.  I know that there have been a
lot of problems with nVidia and KDE4, I expereinced a bunch of them
myself with my previous laptop.  My current one seems to work fine from
both KDE and Gnome.
> The guy who helps me in Ubuntu Japanese Forum confirmed this trouble in 
> his machine with linux-image-2.6.28-3-rt and KDE. He guess the process 
> of user authentication causes this problem.
I am not sure what he means by that.  If Gnome works but KDE does not,
would that indicate a problem with KDE and not with the underlying
authentication mechanism?

At any rate, I use both KDE and Gnome, and have had no problems logging
out of either on Jaunty.

I know that there are issues with Intel drivers (which I believe the
fixes for are in Karmic).  Perhaps it is one of the logout visual
effects that is causing grief.  I would be curious to see what happens
if you disabled all of the extra effects in KDE.

> This is the thread:
> https://forums.ubuntulinux.jp/viewtopic.php?pid=42073
I could not make anything out of this so I have no idea what to suggest.

> Someone in this mailing-list faces the same trouble?

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