recording vocals

sandie sandie at
Fri Oct 9 10:48:59 BST 2009

teza wrote:
> Hi everybody, I think it will be a good idea to tell to the list what
> equipment we are using with Ubuntustudio, that will help in coming up
> with recommendations for what to get. We can make a list on the web
> about what equipement is working well with Linux.
> At the moment I'm use a fastrack from M Audio wich is working well under
> unbuntu studio hardy 8.04.
> Regards.
> Teza
I'm using a M-Audio Audiophile 2496, it require a little tweaking to 
work (specialy on 9.10), but the sound is great and latency is 
acceptable, at least on my budget :-)
I guess it's all about priorities, and I'd rather spend my money on 
instruments and good mic's (allthou a RME soundcard would be nice... 

Regarding mic's... It's hard to say wich is the best mic for everyone, 
some voices actualy sounds better on a SM58 than on a Neumann U87 (my 
personal favorite).
So try them before you buy them, specialy if you buy a used on, I bought 
a used U47 and found out that the electronics was toast :-/
That said... I have also been extremly lucky with garagesales, and found 
a pair of AKG353 in perfect condition for 20$ :-)

btw. I always use a 32bit version, the 64bit is to immature for my taste 
(had lots of problems with wine, alsa and jack) but I test it whenever 
theres a new Ubuntu-release. The only place I have expirenced a 
remarkable difference between 32 and 64, is when I compile stuf.


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