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Andrew Oikle wrote:
> Stick to 32 bit for audio.  64 bit has absolutely zero benefit for
> recording.  Benchmarks show that in some cases 64 bit can underperform
> 32 bit and it's only beneficial to extreme number crunching scientists
> that need that level of precision, and also for gigantic databases. 
> Selling 64 bit processors to consumers was a scam to trick people into
> upgrading their computers... again.  I repeat, 64 bit has practically no
> use for consumer use or audio recording.  Does anyone here disagree?
I completely disagree.  I for one do notice a difference between 3 GiB
of RAM and 8 GiB of RAM, especially on my DAW.  Also the 64bit CPU
designs are superior to the 32 bit ones, this is not necessarily a
result of being 64bit but it does not change the results.

Jamin runs much better on my core i7 than my dual core laptop (T9550 @
2.66GHz) which in turn outperformed my old 1.6 Ghz Centrino.  The
fastest two machines have 8 GiB and 4 GiB respectively, which required a
64 bit architecture and OS.

Just my 2c
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