looking for virtual instruments and midi-sequencer

Mark Burge mark at msbrepairs.com
Fri Oct 2 13:53:03 BST 2009

On Thu, 01 Oct 2009 18:47:23 -0500, mentoj_dija at gmx.de  
<mentoj_dija at gmx.de> wrote:

> thanks for the quick answers,
> Zynaddsubfx: i allready knew this programm. its nice. but i think not
> the right thing for my friend. there are a lot of "freaky" sounds in it,
> but a realy good piano sound is not there. am i wrong? at all, its a
> synth. i think a sample-player would be better.

You are right about that. It is great for getting some instant sounds out  
of the box though.

> the wavetable-thing: puh... i dont know how to do this. and i cant try
> it out on her computer, because she lives in another city. her boyfriend
> is also a linux-dude (he will install the system), but he has not much
> to do with music-production.

I believe if you could get rosegarden working, you can set an option to  
automatically load a sound font into a soundblaster type sound card when  
it starts.

Not such a 'standard' way of doing things and very hardware dependent.

> qsynth: thats a good idea. i dont think, she want to spend money at the
> beginning. but i already found some soundfonts on the web. seems to work
> well.

Sounds like a winner then!

> sec24: where is the record button?

The following are two very good howtos for using seq24.
The first link actually takes you through the steps of realtime midi  
recording using seq24
The second link takes you through assembling a multi-track composition.



> what is with muse? i tried to record some midi-signals, but the
> sequencer just ignored it. (yes i found the record butten, and yes i
> connected the midi output with the muse input)

You might want to look at the midi channel numbers to make sure the  
channel on the keyboard matches the channel on the track you are recording.

> outher thing: if i connect (with qjackctl) my midi-keyboard with a
> writable device called "1:TiMidiy port 1", then i can play without any
> other programm. but its very laggy. can someone explain me this?

TiMidity is a software synth as far as I understand. (a very old one in  
linux years!)


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