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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Thu Oct 1 08:28:34 BST 2009

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Hello Matze,

mentoj_dija at gmx.de schrieb:

> and i cant find an easy to use programm with a good piano-sound. can somebody help me with this?

The best way would be:

find a decent piano-soundfont on the web or buy one. Check, that it is
in generic soundfont-format without any dongle-based copy restriction or
the like.
Load it with qsynth and get familiar with qsynths setting-interface. It
is quite straight forward, no big thing.

If you prefer a (much)more flexible way to synthesize sounds and given
you dont need a very "realistic" piano, try ZynaddSubFX. And do NOT
choose the stupid, useless "beginner"-interface but always the advanced
mode - it offers much much more possibilities to adjust a sound to your
liking and it is really fun to work with it.

> second question: which app is good to record midi-signals? i think rosegarden is to heavy.

Well, if you do not need to work with scores, you could try Qtractor.

> third question: should we wait for the next ubuntu version?

yes, absolutely. My experience with jaunty has made me use openSuse 111
for the last 6 Months.

> thanks and greetings from germany

Maybe you want to find out more in a de-based forum and maybe you can
meet me a one of the workshops I give on Linux Audio in Berlin/Potsdam?


> matze

bis bald ;-)
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