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Tue Nov 17 19:08:24 GMT 2009

> can anyone in ubuntu land tell me how to use my yamaha dx9 with ubuntu > studio as Ive tried and this application wont let me load in the driver from > the syn so I can use it
Ubuntu Studio is an operating system, not an application.
I'm assuming that you want a patch editor for the DX9? Those are done through MIDI sysex messages, not drivers (at least not device drivers). The patch editor software sends the sysex messages through a standard MIDI cable to the synth, and accepts sysex messages in return.
So, obviously you'll need a MIDI card for your computer, one that works under Linux. There are lots out there (most cheap USB MIDI devices SHOULD work).
However, patch editor software is one of the areas of Linux audio that is sorely lacking. I don't know of a single Linux app that is a universal patch librarian, in the manner of Unisyn or Midi Quest. I think that by the time the Linux community discovered music, MIDI was already on its way out...
The closest I could find is JSynthLib, last beta version released in 2005: http://www.jsynthlib.org/
Mark13 has a DX7 editor. I don't know how well that will work for the DX9:http://www.mark13.org/dx7
Or, if you already have a patch editor for Windows, you can try running it in Wine. I've done that with the patch editor for my Nord MicroModular (with limited success).
p.s. It's bad etiquette to include the entire email digest in your reply... just sayin'.
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