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Tue Nov 17 17:15:32 GMT 2009

On Nov 17, 2009 8:27am, mr arwin <arwindmn at> wrote:
> Hello, I check list all the software for Ubuntu Studio but when in

> progress until 80% It stopped (failed). I boot it via USB.

> So, what I should do to fix it?

> Can I install them via pool folder? How?

> Thanks.

The first thing I'd ask is if you are connected to the internet via a land  
line while you install. My experience is that you are asking for trouble if  
you install Ubuntu Studio without being connected to the internet. In  
particular, I think Karmic will not be able to install MS Core Fonts  
without an active connection and will give you this error.

If you don't care to do a fresh install, you should be able to re-install  
the Ubuntu Studio meta-packages (ubuntustudio-graphics, ubuntustudio-video,  
whatever the fonts package is called, etc) in Synaptic to get the software  
that you're missing. This is assuming the core system and GNOME have been  
installed correctly.
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