Availability of Ardour 2.8.4 on Ubuntu Studio?

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Mon Nov 16 14:27:30 GMT 2009

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teza schrieb:
> Hi, could you tell me how you did install Ardour 2.8.4 on Karmic studio
> 9.10.

1.) open synaptic and install build-essentials and svn
2.) open your browser and go to http://ardour.org/download_full
3.) the link to this: http://ardour.org/building brings up a page that
shows, what you need to install to build ardour - open it in a tab and
read it
4.) install every package mentioned on http://ardour.org/building -
remember to always install the -dev package of fftw, gtk+, gtkmm,
gnomecanvas and all the others. Also install scons and slv2. If you
really want VST get wine-dev also.
5.)return to http://ardour.org/download_full and fetch the sourcecode
6.)open a terminal in the dir you have stored the sourcecode and build
ardour with scons - if scons complains that a package is missing,
install this package and restart scons. In some cases it might be
neccessary to erase the ardour-source-dir and unpack the code-tarball
again or fetch the svn anew.
7.) if scons is done do this: sudo scons install

now you can run ardour ;-)

> thanks
> Regards 
> Teza
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> Le lundi 16 novembre 2009 à 12:44 +0100, Hartmut Noack a écrit :
> Erik Rasmussen schrieb:
>>>> In Ubuntu Studio, what is the upgrade frequency for key apps like Ardour?  I
>>>> see that Ardour 2.8.4 was just released, but it looks like Ardour 2.8.2 is
>>>> the latest version available through Ubuntu Studio.  Is there anyone using
>>>> Ardour 2.8.4 on Ubuntu Studio 9.10?
> I built it from SVN - works very well with Ubuntu Studio 9.10 -
> dev-packages installed with synaptic.
>>>> While I'm asking these questions I might also ask if anyone has tried or is
>>>> using Ardour 3.x on Ubuntu Studio?  If anyone is using Ardour 3.x on Ubuntu
> built it from SVN too (see above)
>>>> Studio, how does it work for you?
> as an early pre-alpha version is supposed to work I guess ;-)
>>>> Thanks!
>>>> -Erik

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