More File Sytem errors in Karmic

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Ricardo Lameiro wrote:
> I am not shure, but i think that the problem is your disk and not 
> ubuntu. I dont have problems with my ubuntustudio karmic sleeping. I 
> use ext3.
> 2009/11/14 Robin Darlington <robin.darlington at 
> <mailto:robin.darlington at>>
>     Hi everyone,
>     After having Filesystem errors on my ext4 install of Ubuntu Studio
>     Karmic I have reinstalled using an ext3 file system.
>     While most of the time my system seems to work fine now, when ever
>     I use the sleep function I get serious Filesystem errors ( I can't
>     boot and have to run fsck from a recovery shell ).
>     Doe's anyone know why this is and / or how to fix it?
>     Many thanks for your time,
>     Robin
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Is it?
Hibernation may be unavailable with automatic partitioning
The default partitioning recipe in the installer will in some cases 
allocate a swap partition that is smaller than the physical memory in 
the system. This will prevent the use of hibernation (suspend-to-disk) 
because the system image will not fit in the swap partition. If you 
intend to use hibernation with your system, you should ensure that the 
swap partition's size is at least as large as the system's physical RAM.


/Tommy Hjalmarsson

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