cpu frequency scaling

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Wed Nov 11 20:09:46 GMT 2009

Thank you for posting this question and the background to it.

Ever since I installed 9.10, I've been unable to run certain Ardour 
sessions (the biggest ones), with it constantly getting kicked off JACK 
no matter what settings I used. I actually resorted to compiling a newer 
version of Ardour, the first time I've ever done such a thing!

I installed a freq scaling control app (I didn't even need to tinker 
with it) and with scaling turned off everything works the way it should, 
quick and simple.

Thanks again!


Gerhard Lang wrote:
> I always run into jackd low latency issues when I forget to set  cpu
> frequency scaling panel-applets to highest options. Is there a way to
> set this by default on start up without recompiling the rt-kernel?

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