Sage advise needed! Ubuntu Studio 9.10 & error 15 (in grub?)

Daniel techknow at
Wed Nov 11 15:56:36 GMT 2009

Hi Henry,

> Ok, to start out with, after a "clean" install by dvd (I erased all data
> on my ext3 partition), I will, for now, only ask if someone can please
> tell me what *'error 15'* means, when loading Ubuntu Studio 9.10 (in
> 'Grub,' the computer hangs&  will not allow me to chose  between UBS
> 9.10 or Windows XP! I had to go back to loading Ubuntu 8.01, on a live
> cd that I fortunately still had around, to get rid of that problem).
Error 15 usually means Grub can't find the boot partition. It sounds 
like Grub is not loading at all, which probably means you need to 
reinstall grub from a live cd:


> Willing to try again...
> Thanks,
> Henry
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