UbSt 9,10........Jack?

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at
Thu Nov 5 03:10:17 GMT 2009

Tommy Hjalmarsson wrote:
>> This feels right, thanks.  Rapport coming later.
> *Solved*, it's working now as user.
> With this:
> /sudo su -c 'echo @audio - rtprio 99 >> /etc/security/limits.conf'
> sudo su -c 'echo @audio - nice -10 >> /etc/security/limits.conf'
> sudo su -c 'echo @audio - memlock unlimited >> /etc/security/limits.conf'/
> >From here:
> Thank you.
Ditto with the "Solved!"        I at least now have jack connecting with 
my -rt kernel in Ubuntu 9.10... Thanks again for the information... 
appears to be very essential bits of knowledge. Now on to other 
trials... (maybe my MiaMidi card spidf will actually connect with 
Ardour? I s'poze I better not get my hopes too high here?  :)


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