karmic studio first tests

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Tue Nov 3 18:11:24 GMT 2009

laurent.bellegarde a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I've started my tests on ubuntu studio karmic.
> To remain, i'm using a laptop 64 bits with UBS 64 hardy 8.04 for 
> production and UBS jaunty 9.04 32 bits for testing.
> I've erased jaunty to do a clear install of karmic 32 bits, with the 
> ubuntu 9.10 live disk. Everything 's ok.
> After a short upgrade, i've installed the 461 ubuntustudio packages, 
> install takes 15 minutes, and everything is ok.
> After adding my account to video and audio groups, enabled 
> raw1394/menlock with UBS controls, i've rebooted.
> So under RT karmic kernel, the system works fine. I've launch jackd with 
> the bad internal sound card, my latency is 5,3ms, the system is stable, 
> i've launch hydrogen to play a demo, while i was reccording in ardour at 
> the same, and everything works perfectly. All my tests were done with 
> ati 3D driver on, compiz activated.
> Cinelerra, kdenlive kino are working fine, the only trouble i've notice 
> is that the kino package doesn't support the french language, the *.mo 
> file means to left, which is surprising...

We found a solution for kino in french, it's written here in french of 
course ;-).

The kino.mo file has to be updated into karmic package, so by using the 
jaunty'one, it's working, kino is in french.


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