decent 7.1 surround card?

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Tue May 26 19:40:59 BST 2009

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Yvan Vander Sanden wrote:
> Could anyone recommend a good 7.1 surround card that works with the
> latest Ubuntu? I would need a nearly professional card to do concerts
> with.
> I am mostly familiar with M-audio and Terratec, but none of those are
> selling 7.1 cards for the moment. I even have an X-FI, but the driver
> for that one does not work very good and is limited to stereo.
> Every time i find an article on google about a 7.1 card that's
> supposed to be interesting, it's either not supported on linux or not
> available anymore.
> Anyone who bought a good card recently?
I am a big fan of the RME 9652.  I currently have 16 in and 16 out to do
with as I please.

This can be an expensive option as the 9652 just has light pipe
input/outputs.  You still need some AD/DA converters.  I am using an
older Alesis XT ADAT and an RME ADI-8 DS for my AD/DA converting.

The drivers for the 9652 are integrated into the stock kernel, so there
is no driver dance or firewire crap to put up with.
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