incomplete Flash functionality ubuntu-restricted-extras?

gilgamesh raydar at
Thu May 7 14:09:23 BST 2009

In Jaunty-RT, I'm finding that certain videos won't play in Firefox,
e.g. Hulu videos, and certain Flash apps don't load or display
completely, e.g. Facebook Scrabble.

I found a post recommending installing the ubuntu-restricted-extras
package, and when I selected it in Synaptic, it notified me that
libavcodec52 and libavutil49 would be replaced with
libavcodec-unstripped-52 and libavutil-unstripped-49.  Is that
replacement likely to break anything in the multimedia configuration
specific to UbuntuStudio, or does it just add proprietary functionality
not included by default?

There does seem to be less automated detection of lacked plugins &
presentation of the opportunity to install them in UbuntuStudio Jaunty
than in straight Ubuntu Jaunty, and I want to make sure I know what I'm
doing before I tweak things myself.



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