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>> Hey,
>> I've got a large collection of vinyl records I need to record onto CD, or
>> some other digital format. I've got a stereo with phono inputs, so I
>> use that for the preamp, but I'd rather take the phono player directly
>> my firebox and correct the EQ digitally.
>> I've done a bit of research on what I need to do. I need a really
>> diagram of the RIAA phono curve. The best I've found so far is the one at
>> wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:RIAA-EQ-Curve.svg . It's
>> got the markings for 20, 1000, and 20000 Hz. I guess it's got to be a
>> logarhythmic graph so I should be able to use it to acurately find the
>> frequency levels.
>> What I'm hoping for is that someone has already done this and has made a
>> preset for a ladspa plugin, or for jamin. Does anyone know of this?
>> If not, I'll make mine publicly available when I do it.
>> Thanks,
>> Phil
>> phil at magnustudios.com
>Audacity has the RIAA curve built in... Just record your vinyl, select
>the whole recording, and go to Effect>Equalization... and select
>'RIAA' from the 'Select Curve' dropdown at the bottom.  I've never
>done this myself though, so I can't vouch for its accuracy.
>Sean Corbett

Also nicely done RIAA kit from Elliot Sound:


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