8.10 & rt kernel?

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>suemac at empire.net wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I updated to 8.10 64bit & rt kernel last eve.
>Which kernel specifically?
>uname -a

Don't know off the top, machine is at home. I'll have a look tonight.

In anycase it's the current download of amd64 iso from the UB Studio web
then I selected the the rt offered in Synaptics.

I did take note when i changed menu.lst to boot the rt kernel, rt kernel
was a lower rev than the generic.

I tried several of the "no shutdown" "fixes" found in the forums last eve
to no avail.

So, while I now have an 8.10 system with firewire, Jack, Ardour, and even
Audacity w/Jack working, I have my usual no wifi and now no shutdown.

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