PPA vs. Ubuntu backports vs. getdeb.net vs. ???

wayne wayne at jawnee.org
Tue Mar 17 18:54:39 GMT 2009

ahoy all,

    like many, i am still running Ubuntu Studio (UBS) 8.04 Hardy waiting
for Jaunty and the real time kernel.  thanks to everyone for the
work/effort to make this distro work.

    i have been running into some bugs recently that have been fixed in
newer versions of the software (e.g. Rosegarden), but i am unsure what
is the recommended/safest way to install more recent versions of
software.  my main concern is making the upgrade to Jaunty smooth as
possible when it arrives.  i am a bit overwhelmed by the choices, and
being new to Ubuntu/Debian packages/etc, looking for some guidance.

    for installing more recent packages in an older release like Hardy
8.04, one seems to have at least 4 options:

+ use a PPA, such as the one provided by Khashayar at
+ enable backports from the Ubuntu, e.g. deb-src
http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hardy-backports main restricted
universe multiverse
+ simply install deb files from getdeb.net
+ download/compile each project from source to get latest/greatest

    in general, i assume backports would be a good thing.
unfortunately, they do not contain many UBS-related packages.  also, by
default it is disabled in apt/sources.list.  is this for a reason?
after that, PPA makes the most sense, as new updates will be received
"automagically".  however, i am afraid that may hose the inevitable
upgrade from Hardy to Intrepid to Jaunty.

    any comments/advice/rants/etc greatly appreciated.


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