Fwd: Re: Getting M-Audio Delta 66 working

DennisMail at gmx.net DennisMail at gmx.net
Fri Mar 13 20:39:57 GMT 2009

I just noticed something a little bit strange. I booted into my Windows just to see if the soundcard is working there. And when I look into the settings, I did see the following:

- Windows is using the device "S/PDIF" Output from the Delta 66 as standard output device.

- in the M-Audio mixer, the settings are as follows:
SPDIF-Output-source: "sw rtn"
1/2 out: Mixer

I noticed that when I am changing the output of "spdif out" to "mixer", I have quite the same situation as under Linux: I can see the level-meters of "spdif out" and the "master" moving, but no output. This only changes when I set "spdif out" to "sw rtn" and "1/2 out" to "mixer"

Now the problem: I can´t really transfer "sw rtn" onto my Linux system, because we have other names for that here. But perhaps this helps to find the cause? So is there any way to configure this under Linux? I am quite confused now, because the terms are different in both OS. Perhaps somebody can help here and clear up the fog of terms?


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