Getting M-Audio Delta 66 working

Dennis Herber DennisMail at
Thu Mar 12 18:30:10 GMT 2009

> Dennis, i'm trying to think through what might be happening that we're not
> seeing.
> A quick question.
> Have you increased the volume on the control in the desktop panel?

Well, I know that this is some of the most ridiculous things that may happen, so yes: I did that before trying to play something.

What I still didn't get is all this connection between all the programs I am using here: Generally, I thought that programs like "alsamixer" and "envy24control" are controlling the same thing. And if I change a level of a fader in alsamixer, I see the same fader moving in envy.
What concerns the control in the desktop panel: This one generally also does that, or? Did I misunderstood here something completely?


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