[usersUbuntuStudio] Jack lags...

Robert Klaar nim.batu at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 21:21:26 GMT 2009

Hi there again!
Been configuring audio now for the most of my friday-evening, everything
works fine except it doesn't :(. Pulseaudio works, mediaplayers routing to
pulseaudio too, but things like Ardour, Hydrogen, everything Jack-based
doesn't. It lags when I try to use any samples and everything that's not
working can in one way or another be related to Jack. When I started up a
new project in Ardour, a notice came up stating that I had locked my memory
or something, I looked up how to unlock this and now the notice is gone but
nothing has changed with how it sounds, allthought it seemed reasonable(I'm
sitting on a dual core 2.3 ghz with a ram of 3 g so I find it hard to think
anything's wrong with the hardware per sey), I also checked with system
monitor and it is hardly working it would seem when running jack. Also Jack
shows, in the Jack-ctrl window something like 1(249), "249 is increasing",
don't know if this is normal or not since I'm new to the whole thing. Anyone
care to take a guess?... so that I might go out and get oen or two beers at
least this friday evening :)...
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