UBS Hardy 8.04 RT kernel panic...

Gustin Johnson gustin at
Tue Jun 30 21:15:34 BST 2009

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wayne wrote:
>> I can confirm the exact same behavior, on the exact same set-up.
>> Sadly, I've not been able to find any solutions for it, either.
>     thanks for the reply.  hopefully someone has an answer....
A newer kernel is probably all that you need.

>> I can say that the problem does not exist on Jaunty with a first
>> generation MacBook, which is good. However, the performance of the RT
>> kernel in Jaunty on my set-up was poor, and so I went back to good ol'

Jaunty, like 8.10 was fine in and of itself, you just had to go outside
of Ubuntu for your kernel (in this case I usually build my own).

>> dependable Hardy. Besides an unusable amount of X-Runs, the RT kernel
>> also constantly had my fans running, which was very annoying, and in a
>> mixing environment also obstructive. At this point I have the feeling
>> that I'll be waiting until Karmic to try again.
>     that is what i heard and why i am avoiding the upgrade for now.
>> As for the issues with suspend and hibernation, I've just gotten into
>> the habit of never doing those things. I turn the computer on when I
>> need to record, I just leave it running with a blank screen (with the
>> lid up, of course) during down times, and then shut it down when I'm
>> done. It's a bit inconvenient, but the rest of the performance in
>> Hardy is so solid that I've just accepted the minor hassles.
>     i had problems with suspend/hibernate initially, but the problem was
> my swap space not being activated (UUID problems in /etc/fstab).  other
> than hibernate taking about 2 minutes to shut down, and 4 minutes to
> thaw, hibernate 99% works fine, suspend as well.
How is this more convenient than shutting down and starting from cold?
Waiting is not my strong suit, and 4 minutes would drive me crazy :)
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