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Karlheinz Noise khzmusik at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 29 19:05:47 BST 2009

> My current setup is dual boot between Windows XP 64, (which I currently use
> most), and 64 bit Vista, (which I use rarely).

If you are going to get rid of one of the Windows installs (which I recommend - Vista is utter crap), then you should be VERY careful.

The Windows bootloader MUST be on the primary boot partition, or it will NOT work. Result: to get Windows back  you have to re-install EVERYTHING - including Ubuntu. (This happened to me.)

Make sure you know which Windows OS is on the primary boot partition, and leave it there.

> Looking at what happens when the system starts up, it first of all goes into
> the Asus Express Gate, then does a normal boot, offering me a choice of XP
> or Vista via what appears to be called "Windows Boot Manager".

The Asus Express Gate is probably the BIOS loader, FWIW. Windows Boot Manager is essentially GRUB for Windows.

> Does the 64 bit install know about this boot manager, and can it integrate
> the new boot option with it successfully?

I don't run 64-bit, but as long as you follow the above advice, GRUB and the Ubuntu installer should work just fine. If you're feeling paranoid, you could follow the advice in this column:

One other piece of advice: At this point, stick with Ubuntu Studio 8.04.1. There are issues with 9.04.


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