The last program i have to use on Windows...

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this is interessting:

I think, the main problem is to link the midi-commands from ubuntu to wine.

Maybe important: in the "Audio"-Register are a lot of 
midi-output-devices, but not a single input-device.

Christopher Stamper wrote:
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>     the interface is built into the device. I just use a USB-wire.
> From what I can tell, your device must first be supported by linux 
> (Ubuntu). Then, you can configure wine to use an existing midi device.
> So, first step is to get the hardware working under linux. You should 
> probably post a new topic to this list, giving all the details about 
> the hardware. Or try searching google, maybe someone has tried it before.
> Then, if you can get it to work natively in linux, you just need to 
> get wine to use it. Open up the wine configuration application 
> (Applications->Wine->Configure Wine). In the audio tab, you should be 
> able to select the correct MIDI device or something...
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