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Susan Cragin schrieb:
>> Comments?
> I'm in favor of a how-to sheet because I'm going to switch to OSS tonight. 
> Wouldn't it be wonderful if OSS were an install option? 

No, it would not.

Please everybody: Stop the OSSv4-madness.

The Linux-Soundsystem is ALSA.
It is this for about 5 years now.
So be it.

4front has had their chance, they blew it. Alsa may have its flaws but
these can be fixed with a fraction of the effort that would arise if a
major distro like UBUNTU would  start to cope with OSS4.

To comment the article mentioned above:

The author shows complete ignorance in the the field of productive audio
on Linux.
- - He does not mention jack and does not even answer the answering posts
to his article refering to jack - I have the strong feeling, he never
used it/ might not know it at all.
- - Asked about the ridiculous primitive MIDI-capabilities of OSS he
produces TiMididty, saying it would be great to "play MIDI-Files as
PCM-Streams"... Did he ever seen a MIDI-keyboard connected to a
computer? Does he know, what a sequencer would be?

best regs


p.s.: it would be indeed wonderful, if Ubuntu would have an
install-option for a supported, recent, full-fledged, stable RT-kernel,
that works out of the box and handles hi-class hardware such as
firewire-soundcards as good as other Linux-Distros do.
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