ESI Juli@ card issues

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Thu Jun 18 12:05:22 BST 2009

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Bill schrieb:
> Hello
> I am using a ESI Juli@ sound card. I want to record audio that is 
> streamed through Firefox. I can not listen to the audio stream and 
> record at the same time. I can listen to the audio that is being 
> recorded through the inputs and record it at the same time but can not 
> record audio and listen at the same time from the internet.

It depends.

If the stream comes from the flash-plugin, you can try to make
Pulseaudio work with jackd - this is not implemented by default in
Ubuntu (by what reason I do not know...)

In case you stream an m3u-file or the like you can:

1.) install mplayer-plugin and make Firefox play streams via it.
2.) set mplayer to provide audio via jack

In all cases you can connect whatever jack-output comes from either
pulse or mplayer in qjackctl to whatever recording-software you prefer.
I suggest jack_record with its GTK-GUI or Timemachine (the latter caches
 your stream continiously so you can hit record 10 or 20 seconds after
the part you want to capture has begun...)

> This does work in Winblows. Any suggestions?

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