Korg Radias: mdia via USB?

laurent.bellegarde laurent.bellegarde at free.fr
Tue Jun 16 10:01:49 BST 2009

Christian Convey a écrit :
> Does anyone know if/how I can get my Radias to have a MIDI connection
> to my Ubuntu Studio 9.04 computer, over USB?
> I'm very new to connecting a MIDI keyboard to a PC.  I just bought a
> Korg Radias, and it has a USB connector.  The Radias software for
> Windows has a USB-MIDI driver.  It works fine on Windows, but I have
> no idea how to tell if Ubuntu Studio's software can see the keyboard
> via MIDI.  Any suggestions?
> I don't have a separate USB-MIDI conversion box, so at the moment the
> Radia's USB port is my only hope of connecting the keyboard to my PC.


I'm not an expert but, you don't need a separate usb-midi conversion box.

When you plug your korg radias with usb, and after launching jack and 

in connexion windows, in audio part, on left colum, you have qsynth 
connected to right colum in system playback, audio is ok.

a screenshot here : 

in alsa part, in left colum, you have your keyboard radias, and in right 
colum, fluidsynth, and you have to connect with the mouse the keyboard 
to fluidsynth.

a screenshot here : 

at this time, you can play music with your keyboard (as i haven't got 
one, i use virtual midi keyboard)

a screenshot here : 

If you have only an old midi keyboard, without usb connexion, you can 
use it under ubuntu studio with an external convertisor midi->usb as 
M-audio Blue

Hope it helps


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