Digital Audio Recorder

sh0099 sh0099 at
Sun Jun 14 17:37:57 BST 2009

many people like the recorders from zoom escpecialy because of the 
"usable" microphones.

i had a microtrack but the build in microphone of it is bad.

there are some more professional recorders where the fostex fr-le has 
the best price.

Tom Rausner schrieb:
> Hi !
> I have recently switched from the "ordenary" ubuntu to "Studio".
> I've done so 'cause I'm going to work a lot with sound. In addition
> to this I need a way of recording speech and sounds in digital form.
> In the end I want to end up with a .wav file for editing.
> Do any of you have some good experiences to share, conserning sound
> recording, using specific (portable) recording devices, for later
> editing in "Studio" as .wav. 

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