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Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Wed Jun 10 22:15:13 BST 2009

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Brent Busby schrieb:
> On Sat, 30 May 2009, Dave Phillips wrote:
>> Is Ubuntu development really this bad ? I find it hard to believe that 
>> such great efforts towards desktop improvements have overshadowed 
>> sheer workability.
> On the bright side, the Ubuntu Studio wallpaper and GDM themes are 
> awe-inspiring.  (Let's hear it for polishing the chrome!)

Unfortunately nobody records a LP using wallpaper or themes...

Pure:Dyne looks quite old-fashioned if not dull and Musix is still
cluttered with bazillions of icons in not-fitting colours.
Yet both have a rock-solid high-performance kernel that runs my
firewire-interface for 10+ houres at 8ms while US with all its beauty on
the surface does not. It crashes jackd within 10 or so minutes if the
firebox runs with settings for more than 20ms.

So I use Kubuntu as my every-day desktop on my laptop and in the studio
I use oldfashioned-not-so-fancy Lenny with Pure:Dyne atop to get
something that works.
In 80% of the time I see Ardour in fullscreen anyway....

Please dont get me wrong: I am well aware of the fact, that the people,
that do all the graphical work wont become kernel hackers as soon as
this message arrives. Eye-candy is allways welcome also (Kubuntu 9.4 is
indeed the most beautyfull, intriguing desktop I ever had installed or
even seen so I do NOT critizize these improvements here.

But one thing is for sure:
If Ubuntu Studio does not work at least the same as good for the
musician as other Linux-distros do, it will be irrelevant and obsolete.

best regards


BTW: If I want to hook my Firebox with the Laptop I use Suse11 with the
jenglh-Kernel. Its not as powerfull a system as Pure:Dyne but it works
acceptable well and is quite beauty and feature-packed also....
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