Openoffice freezes 9.04 with rt kernel

Bellegarde Laurent laurent.bellegarde at
Mon Jun 8 14:24:19 BST 2009

Selon Asmo Koskinen <asmo.koskinen at>:

> Alfons Verreijt kirjoitti:
> > So it's back to the drawing board. Unless you wont use Ooo.
> I can use OOo, surf net and listen net radio station. But I'm not using
> default kernel.

Hi all,

i'm running Jaunty 32 bits RT with 2.6.8-RT, and open office work fine with it.

The whole system is working fine, and RT performances are excellent, but
sometime, the whole system freeze, when i leave alone the computer for a long
time without doing something on it. Sometime too, i left the wifi connexion and
need to reboot to get it back, a modprobe doesn't work, even ifconfig too.
Sometime too, the system don't stop and freeze.

So for me, jaunty is working fine, but still a little bit unstable face to hardy
which is abolutly stable with the same computer, i never get any crash.


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