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aYo Binitie wrote:

> n Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Thomas Fisher <thomasfisher at
> <mailto:thomasfisher at>> wrote:
>       I am a few days away from doing a fresh from the top upgrade. My
>     intent is
>     to do a fresh load of Ubuntu 9.04 and then add the Studio 9.04 auxiliary
>     packages. My preferred desk top is KDE. Hardware is Intel, P4 D, Nvidia
>      I would appreciate any insights, or precautions. I have noticed
>     that this
>     list has become very quite, is Studio alright?
> So far i've had no issues
> I use the studio desktop. With the exception of the new Amarok2 that
> sucks in Gnome its the best Ubuntu yet IMHO
> a
I still use Amarok 1.4, using the below PPA, I just install amarok14
deb jaunty main

KDE 4.2 is now the default which is a good thing.

The only snag as I see it the nVidia card.  It may or may not work out
the box.
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