Addition(s) to the Video Meta package

Eric Hedekar afterthebeep at
Mon Jul 27 21:13:18 BST 2009

Hi Everyone,

     I've seen a number of posts to the forums asking about live video
adjustment software, VJ software and the like.  There actually is a large
amount of this available for Linux but none in the Ubuntu Studio video meta
package.  Here's a quick list of what I've stumbled upon:

* FreeJ     packaged:
* EffecTV      packaged:
* frei0r plugins:     packaged:  (more of a
library than a software package)
* GEM library for Pure Data     packaged:
* PDvjtools     not packaged (yet)
* VeeJay    not packaged (yet)
* Gephex      not packaged (yet)
* Lives   not packaged (yet)

Personally I think any one of these softwares would make a great addition to
the video meta package, but seeing as I'm not a video junkie I really am not
sure if they'll get used.  This e-mail is to judge public interest/support
for such an addition to the meta, and if it's positive, which of the above
(or possibly one I haven't listed) would be best?
Logically, adding one that's already in the repositories would be easiest
for Karmic, but if packaging wasn't a stumbling block I'd prefer to see
VeeJay added (purely based on the look of it's user interface).  The
libraries for Pure Data would also be nice additions since Pure Data is
already included in the audio meta.  FreeJ also looks good.  Thoughts?

-Eric Hedekar

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