Laptop for UbuntuStudio

Joan Quintana joan_quintana at
Mon Jul 27 15:18:36 BST 2009

> I'm thinkin' on buying a new laptop. It'll
> be only for UbuntuStudio. I want to ask you which specs
> I've to take special atention to. I want an all-life
> laptop: not a heavy laptop (19-inches-screen) neither a
> notebook. I'm looking for a 14-15 inches. But the other
> thinks I don't know what are the best choice. I will use
> it a lot for music and video suite. Which specs are the more
> importants? Which computer brands do you recommedn me?
> Lenovo computers will fit me?
> Can you help me?
> Thank you all!
> Carles Mayol i Ricart

Me to I want to buy a reliable laptop on autumn for audio production and projects. Now I have an USB audio card (Edirol UA-25EX), but in the future I want to migrate or complement with a firewire audio card. I read something about the firewire chip of DELL computers (RICOH) having problems with audio cards. In this case, DELL will be discarded. Could someone confirm this issue? For me having a nice firewire configuration is more critical than have a nice video card.

Thanks in advance,
Joan Quintana Compte


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