Laptop for UbuntuStudio

Litus Mayol i Ricart litus.mayol12 at
Mon Jul 27 12:53:25 BST 2009

Hiya everyone!

I'm thinkin' on buying a new laptop. It'll be only for UbuntuStudio. I want
to ask you which specs I've to take special atention to. I want an all-life
laptop: not a heavy laptop (19-inches-screen) neither a notebook. I'm
looking for a 14-15 inches. But the other thinks I don't know what are the
best choice. I will use it a lot for music and video suite. Which specs are
the more importants? Which computer brands do you recommedn me? Lenovo
computers will fit me?

Can you help me?
Thank you all!
*Carles Mayol i Ricart*
Rocker, socialdemòcrata, independentista, culé, republicà, ubuntaire,
catòlic i corredor de fons
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