Which ubustu-configuration makes you happy at present?

Gerhard Lang lang.gerhard at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 00:14:49 BST 2009

Tx to all who made an exciting thread out of my whining, esp. Asmo for
his engagement :)
I'll give 64studio beta3 a try and since i need firewire essentially
i'll try to integrate up-to-date ffado and jack. This weekend i'll free
a partition ...
In the moment for real work I freezed karmic alpha 3 with
kernel, customized jack 1.9.3 svn, ffado svn. This works stable and
reproducable for my needs: jack-latency@~8ms, hydrogen, rakarrack, wine,
wineasio, reaper with vst-instruments. Vst-host is less performant.
Ardour 2.8...(without vst-support) brings jack earlier to the limits
then wine/reaper!? Til now i had no success compiling ardour beta3. In
Ardour beta3 64bit-version will be no vst support anyway.
Sorry for not giving more input cause I have to do hard work for a
living all the week.
best regards

Gustin Johnson schrieb:
> asmo.koskinen at arkki.info wrote:
> >> Asmo Koskinen wrote:
> >> Is it possible to use rt-kernel with 64 studio?
> > They have added own rt-kernel to 64Studio. Use it, not one from Ubuntu's
> > repositories if you like to test difference.
> This is correct, use the 64Studio RT kernel.
> > One thing that is still missing is ffado, no ffado at all in 64Studio.
> 64 Studio 3 is still in beta, and is based on Hardy which also does not
> have FFADO support.  Having said that FFADO will be supported out of the
> box for the final released 3 version.  If you are impatient I believe
> there are some experimental packages for it.  Don't quote me on that,
> since I don't use or care for FFADO.

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