Ubuntu Studio doesn't have a Live DVD

shirish shirishag75 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 06:18:25 BST 2009

Hi all,
       AFAIK Ubuntu Studio doesn't have a Live DVD. I suspect one of
these reasons :-

a. Its because the Live CD (of Ubuntu CD) is 619.8 MiB while the
actual data is over 1.86 GiB. Hence with around 1.1 GiB compressed
data that would shoot to 4.47 GiB  and this kind of memory many people
wouldn't have.

b.  There is some technical issue with squashfs which is stopping
creation of Live DVD.

c. Some other issue I'm not aware of.

Maybe OT but found this interesting article about Unionfs as well


This info. I knew to be correct as far as Ubuntu Studio Hardy is
concerned, if its no longer true, my apologies. That's the last time I
checked the Ubuntu Studio release.
          Shirish Agarwal
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