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On Jul 12, 2009 10:59am, jmelnick at commonsensefarm.com wrote:
> Do I need to reinstall the OS if I have Ubuntu installed and want to

> install Ubuntu-Studio?

> Cheers Jacob

No, you just need to have space on the hard drive for the second OS. I know  
the regular Ubuntu install will automatically resize your hard drive for  
things like this, but I don't remember if Ubuntu Studio does. If not, and  
you don't have extra free space on your drive, you may need to first launch  
Ubuntu from a live CD and use the partitioner editor to shrink the size of  
the regular Ubuntu partition to free-up space for Ubuntu Studio. (It isn't  
possible to resize a mounted disk, which is why you need to use the live CD)

Once you do have the space, just install Ubuntu Studio in this free space,  
and at the end of the install, Ubuntu Studio should recognize whatever  
other OSs you have, and set-up your GRUB menu appropriately. When this is  
done, you'll be presented with your choice of OS when you start up your  
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