VST plugins not working

Mathias Krause mathias.sam at web.de
Tue Jul 7 11:42:16 BST 2009

Hi all,

I was using Ubuntu Studio 8.04.1 for a while now. Everything was working 
very well, except from the fact, that my PC was a very old one. Now, I 
updated my PC hardware to an AMD Quadcore with a GeForce 9500GT and 2 
Widescreens connected. Everything is running ok but I've one big problem:

If I try to load some vst instruments which used to work very well with 
"vsthost" before, they start and then, immediately when the GUI is 
visible, the output is:

dssi-vst-server[1]: created audio thread
vsthost: signal 17 received, exiting

then everything is closed. One free example for such a VST plugin is the 
"ORGANIZed Trio".

When I use qtractor (v0.4.2) the plugins load. But the do not produce  any
audio. Is anybody out there with the same problem?

gizzmo (aka Mathias)

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