RT kernel in karmic, request for testing.

Luke Yelavich themuso at ubuntu.com
Mon Jul 6 13:05:53 BST 2009

Hi all
In the next day or so, a new RT kernel will become available, version This kernel is a little different to the first 2.6.29 RT kernel for karmic, in that I have backported thee alsa code from 2.6.31-rc2, to make sure it lines up with the user space pieces. If you are running karmic, or you are thinking of running karmic, I encourage you to test this kernel, and let me know how things go for you, particularly relating to ALSA and how it works with pulseaudio or other audio/multimedia applications.

In addition, I am also interested in hearing from users who have hardware that works in the 2.6.30/2.6.31 generic kernels, but doesn't work with the RT kernel. I don't intend to backport everything, but if there is enough demand for particular drivers, I will do my best to attempt to backport them. Sound wasn't too hard due to the kernel alsa code being used for older kernels as well, being part of the alsa-driver tarball, but I don't make any promices with any other drivers from newer kernels. I also don't intend to backport KMS (kernel mode setting), as that would likely be way too much work.

So please give this new kernel a test when its available, and file bugs with any issues you find, or drivers you would like to see made available for your system.


P.S. NVIDIA/ATI drivers should work without issue, at least once I upload a new revision of both to remove no longer needed patches. I can verify that NVIDIA is fine, as I am currently running it on the 2.6.29 RT kernel mentioned above without issue, but ATI users will need to test and give feedback.


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