Wayne and Beejunk: JACK with built-in MacBook soundcard

Paul DeShaw pauldeshaw at gmail.com
Sun Jul 5 01:54:13 BST 2009


Have either of you been able to use JACK with the built-in sound on your 1st
gen MacBooks?

Sometimes I'd just like to do a little editing or whatnot away from home. I
don't have a portable interface; it's built into a MIDI keyboard
controller.  Not something I want to lug around.   But when I try using the
built-in card, no matter how I tweak the settings in JACK, I get a ton of
either xruns or hardware wakeup errors.  Do you know a way to fix this?  If
not, can you recommend a portable interface that works well with the MacBook
and Hardy?


Paul D.
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