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Cory K. coryisatm at
Fri Jan 30 15:49:38 GMT 2009

Kim Cascone wrote:
> wow! I get chewed out on the ubuntumini list for asking a  
> hypothetical question
> and here I find I ask the wrong questions about backing up that  
> additionally are inappropriate to the context of this list!?
> methinks Ubuntu users have become a sour lot in the short time I've  
> been on sabbatical! ;)

Really, I was gonna let you guys battle it out but I'll chime in.

Back-up options are a fine question here as many coming from OSX/Win
will be wondering what their options for backing up sessions are.

And to be fair Kim, it was 1 person. Hardly an ass-chewing. ;)

> in any case, here goes round two of my research into to know how  
> musicians safeguard their assets and final deliveries:
> ok let's pick a common scenario:
> - you are working on a two partition drive on your studio laptop
>      - one is  '/'  the other is  '/home'
> - you run out of space while working on music project due to working  
> at a higher sample rate/bit depth
> - so you buy a larger HD and install it
> - how would UbuntuStudio musicians deal with this scenario?
> - basically you want to image/migrate/clone/mirror the original drive  
> (containing 2 partitions) somewhere then restore it on the new drive
> - step by step - how would people go about doing this in their studio?
> <I'm assuming the functionality needed for this task would be a  
> subset of the set functions that exist in the tool used for general  
> backing up would have>

I don't think your situation is all that common. It's rather advanced
and power-user-ish IMO.

Here's how I keep 2 drives synced:

    * rsync -aur --inplace --delete /media/Storage/ /media/StorageBackup

So I think if you mount both drives, edit my command to match your
source drive and destination drives, then swap 'em the new one should boot.

    * rsync -av /media/source /media/destination (that might be fine for
      you. edit source/destination)

Though this doesn't address the points you cited in your 1st post. Just
the one above. And grsync might work fine in above cited scenario.

Personally, (dev hat off) saving a session in ~/ is nuts to me if HD
space is even a possibility of an issue. I do *everything* on another
drive. Just me. :)

I'll leave it to you guys to continue from here.

-Cory K.

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